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Gold Mutual Funds

If you currently invest in mutual funds, you might be able to move money into funds that are more heavily weighted toward precious metals or gold. For example, I have mutual funds with Invesco.

Someone told me in 2004 I should set these up, and so I did.

But I had put mutual funds (and the money I had put into them) in the back of my mind.

I knew that there was some money there, but had forgotten that I had money in Invesco’s funds.

The funds that were chosen by my financial advisor at the time were weighted toward

  • Real estate (IGREX)
  • Health care (GGHCX)
  • Global growth (AGGAX).

I used Google Finance’s tool ( and compared these funds against the Invesco Precious Metals Mutual fund (IGDAX), for the full time I’d been buying into mutual funds.

The results tell the whole story.

Comparing a gold Mutual Fund over 6 years

Invesco’s gold/precious metals fund (IGDAX) is the blue line.

The others are what I was actually invested in (from a financial advisor’s recommendation).

I saw this graph at 1 AM on January 3, 2011.

By 8 AM on January 7, 2011, I had moved the majority of the funds into Invesco’s IGDAX.

As of April 13, 2011, since moving the money to IGDAX, the fund has gained 21% in value.

(The others shown above have gained around 5% in value)

I’m not necessarily recommending IGDAX.

I’m just saying that if you like investing in mutual funds, or are already investing in mutual funds (and what I’m saying here makes sense to you) find a mutual fund weighted toward silver and/or gold and/or copper and/or other precious metals.

The company you invest with for mutual funds may already have a fund set up that deals more with precious metals.

If you agree with what you’re seeing here, at least move some of your money to a mutual fund more closely aligned with metals.

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