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About How To Buy Gold

In 2002, I started reading books by Robert Kiyosaki.

These books changed the way I thought about money and work.

I could go on about that at some length, but that’s not the purpose here.

In 2004, Robert Kiyosaki recommended buying silver and gold in a book called Prophecy.

In 2006, I got the same advice to buy gold as a hedge against what was coming from a book called The Next Great Bubble Boom.

And then the sources of information came pouring in saying that 2006-2010 were good times to be buying silver and gold.

But I didn’t know how to buy gold (or silver)

That was my excuse.

Today, I do know a few things about how to buy gold and silver

The purpose of this is to pass along what I’ve learned.

Whatever you decide to do with this information is your own decision.

As of today (2. February 2011), it’s safe to say that those books were right.

Gold is at $1,340/ounce
Silver is at $28.52/ounce

Buying gold Jan. 2006, ($600/ounce) your return as of today’s prices would be 223%

Buying gold Jan. 2007, ($610/ounce) your return as of today’s prices would be 220%

Buying gold Jan. 2008, ($880/ounce) your return as of today’s prices would be 152%

Buying gold Jan. 2009, ($900/ounce) your return as of today’s prices would be 149%

Buying gold Jan. 2010, ($1080/ounce) your return as of today’s prices would be 124%

Today (2. February, 2011), gold and silver are in a lull.

Based on what I’m reading, they will go through a spurt early, and then drop back sometime in March or April, maybe into May.

01.MAR, 2011: (Note added later: So far, as of 22.Feb., 2011, this spurt has proven to be true (with gold over $1400/oz and silver over $33/oz). If it’s confirmed by a drop, this may be the best chance to get involved in this market before it begins its ascent to a bubble.)

12. April, 2011. (Note added later: the spurt turned out to be longer and more sustained than people thought it would be. There still should be a drop, which may be beginning with the relaxing of tensions in Libya.)

People think the economy is picking up, and people think the fed may raise interest rates.

But based on everything I’m reading, it’s kind of like getting excited to sail into a hurricane; the proverbial “calm before the storm”.

What the economy has just been through has affected some of us in huge ways.

But I do think, based on everything I’m reading and hearing, that the “Great Recession” was just Act 1 setting the stage for the (much more challenging) Act 2.

As with all things, research this for yourself.

Look at factors facing the US Economy.

Look at factors facing the global economy.

Decide for yourself. This site is designed to help you do that, and if you decide to buy gold, this site shows you the major ways you can buy gold for yourself.

We are here to help you learn how to buy gold and how to buy silver. That is the sole purpose of this website. There are four major ways to buy gold and four major ways to buy silver. If it’s gold you want to buy, then read the links on this site to learn how to buy gold. If it’s silver you want to buy, then this information applies, or you can also visit our other site about how to buy silver.

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