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What It Takes

What it takes to set up and buy gold through a GoldMoney Account

Aside from what I’ve covered as far as initial set-up, it will take both time (maybe an hour total) and faith (doing something you’ve not done before involving money) to sign up for a GoldMoney account.

It will take a little more faith (and accurate communication with your bank’s wire transfer department) to complete your first wire transfer to GoldMoney.

If you’re ready, get started with GoldMoney by going to the link below:

Also worth noting; talk with your accountant or financial advisor, but last we knew, growth in your GoldMoney account is subject to taxation in the United States.

Again, you will want to talk with your tax adviser/accountant to know more about this.

At this point, you’ve put 40% of your gold investment into physical gold, and 40% into your GoldMoney account.

If this is all you do, you will have set up a good investment (both in your own learning, and in precious metal).

You will also have given yourself the ability to make bigger purchases in the future, if you need or want to move money quickly.

If you’d like to learn about what I think you could do with the other 20% (Splitting the remainder into 15/5), follow along to the third way to buy gold.

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