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How to Buy Gold

There are 4 ways to buy gold (and silver).

I really have only explored three of them.

Those three methods are all that I will be explaining in this “how to” section in this guide.

The four methods are
A. Physical purchasing of gold (and storing it yourself)
B. Opening a gold account (like a bank account, but holding physical gold)
C. Investing in Gold ETF’s, gold stocks, and gold mutual funds.
D. Purchasing gold futures. (I haven’t done this myself yet, so will only be talking about the first three methods above.)

How do you decide which method of gold buying is best?

You don’t. At least I don’t.

I would purchase gold using all three of the first three methods above.

This will create diversity and leverage.

Here would be my process:

1. Decide how much money you want to put into buying gold. And from that amount, divide it 40/40/15/5.
2. Put 40% into buying physical gold or silver.
3. Put 40% into your Gold Money account (how to do that is later on in this guide).
4. Put 15% into investing in Gold ETF’s, mutual funds, or Gold stocks
5. Put 5% (more or less depending on how much you’re buying) into a newsletter or education. This will help you watch and pick gold/silver stocks (as the market continues to grow with more and more people coming on board).

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