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Do not let buying gold and silver be a shoulda’, woulda’, coulda’ thing.

Make a decision based on the information you have at hand, and either take action on it in the next 5 days, or don’t.

What date is today? ______________________

What date will it be 5 days from today? ____________________

(Seriously look at the calendar right now. What date will it be 5 days from today???)

Decide to do something with this information by the second date.

The greatest enemy of action and success is the Law of Diminishing Intent.

The Law of Diminishing Intent:
The farther we get away from the original intention,
the less likely we are to take action on it.

Whatever you decide is fine, but DECIDE.

Block out time to do a little research, and decide whether or not to buy gold (or silver, or both) within 5 days of the first time you read this information.

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