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GoldMoney Screenshots

For purposes of this website, I set up a GoldMoney account and put $200 into it.

GoldMoney Screenshot 1
Buying gold through Goldmoney

On this screenshot, you can see that there is USD $200 being held in this GoldMoney account at present. It’s not yet been used to buy gold.

However, once the money is sitting there, you can use it to buy silver, gold, platinum, or palladium. This is a physical amount of the metal that you will own through GoldMoney.

GoldMoney Screenshot 2

In this screenshot, you can see that an order has been placed, and is in process.

Once you have purchased, you will see the amount of gold you are holding in your account, as well as where that gold is physically being stored.

GoldMoney Screenshot 3
Goldmoney showing the money held as gold in the account

In this screenshot, you can see that I’m currently holding 4.449 grams of gold, which is a total of 0.143 ounces.

The amount of money that’s worth in US Dollars, (at the time of this screenshot), is $194.97 (It would be $200, but because of the 2.5% fee charged by GoldMoney, it’s a little less than $200 at present).

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