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Bonus: Currencies

Bonus: Currencies
Gold has gone up in price against all major currencies since 2001.

Gold has gone up over 270% against the US Dollar since 2005/2006.

In the same time frame, the dollar has also been losing strength against other major currencies.

I believe this trend is likely to continue… These charts track the dollar’s loss of value since the beginning of 2004 until today.

The US Dollar factored against some of the world’s currencies (large and small countries) over the last 10 years.

The numbers you see represent how much of “their” currency can be bought with 1 US Dollar).


1 USD used to buy 1.5 AUD.

Now. less than 1.



1 USD used to buy 1.4 CAD.

Now. less than 1.



(A fixed currency kept artificially high)

1 USD used to buy 8.25 CNY.

Now. less than 6.5.


1 USD used to buy 6.5 DKK.

Now. less than 5.5.


1 USD used to buy .90 EUR.

Now. less than .75.


1 USD used to buy 120 JPY.

Now. less than 82.

New Zealand

1 USD used to buy 1.5 NZD.

Now. less than 1.35.


1 USD used to buy 3.5 PEN.

Now. less than 2.8.

1 USD used to buy 1.7 SGD.
Now. less than 1.3.

1 USD used to buy 1.4 CHF.
Now. less than .95.

1 USD used to buy 40 THB.
Now. less than 31.

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