HowToBuyGoldX.comThis site shows you how to buy gold and why now (2011) is the right time to buy gold.


No matter what you do, it’s a good idea to get more educated about what’s going on.

There are four primary ways I have learned to buy silver and gold.

I’ve only done three of them.  That’s all I have talked about in this quick guide.

The fourth method is buying gold futures.  That seems complex and convoluted to me right now.  That may change at some point in the future.  However, it’s not a method I’m familiar with yet for buying gold.

In this guide, I’ve used the term buying gold to explain the process of buying silver/gold.

If, after further research, you think silver would be better for you to purchase, then by all means, buy silver.

Again, I’m using gold/silver interchangeably, and recommend you do some research to see which option you think will be best.

The worst thing would be to do nothing at all.

Don’t let lack of understanding stop you from actually doing something.

Decide what you are going to do, and then take action on it right away.

I wouldn’t be putting this out in the way that I am if I didn’t think there were some serious reasons to be buying gold/silver now.

But the experts I’m learning from, and the factors I’m (finally) beginning to understand, could be wrong.

So again, do your own homework before you decide whether or not to buy silver/gold.

As a bonus, you’ll find below one example of one factor I’ve been trying to break down and understand: currencies.

Thank-you for making the time to read this guide.

Please decide what you are going to do and then make the time to do it in the next 5 days.





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