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0 Why Gold Ran Away Today: US Monetary Policy and Moody’s

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Today, gold hit a new all-time high.

Oh wait though.

Just wait.

Gold is going higher… much higher.

But before we talk about that, here’s why gold went to it’s all-time high today.

Moody’s is threatening to downgrade the United States’ Credit Rating for the first time in history.

And “Ben Bernanke” is suggesting QE3. In essence, what this means is that that the Fed is likely to fund the US Government into even further levels of debt.

At the same time investors were flocking to gold, they were running out of the dollar.

But they weren’t running to the Euro today.


Italy is going to need more help than Greece already has… and Greece already needs more help too… even though they may not know it yet.

The money they’ve borrowed won’t even pay the interest on the money they need to pay off.

You can take this as bad news, or you can take it as further evidence that you should figure out a way to get some money into gold and silver now.

Uncertainty has become the norm for investors, rather than the exception.

They are growing tired of the uncertainty, and gold is the natural place to run (and always has been throughout the last 3,000 years of human history).

Gold will become to expensive (in many ways already has) for the average individual, and so silver will be the next place for people to run.

Silver also has LOTS of practical applications, but is very limited in supply around the world.

You can do your research and decide silver or gold, but getting some money into one or both is (from our perspective) an piece of advice you should act on.

And when should you buy silver/gold?

July and August are historically the best times to buy, in order to realize gains by year’s end.

But it’s July, and gold has just hit a new all-time high.

Look for some kind of pullback in August, but buy soon. That’s what we can say. Wait for a pullback, but if it doesn’t come, don’t wait after the middle or late August.

That’s all based on the advice we get from people we recommend here on HowToBuyGoldX. Make your own determination, but our advice (as advice from a friend and nothing more) is to do something soon about getting some money into gold/silver.

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