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0 Basics: Why You Might Want to Turn Dollars Into Gold And Silver

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The fed believes that jobs and employment equal a healthy economy. Many people in the government agree.

(When people are employed, they earn money, so they spend money to buy things. Those things are made by businesses, which employ people.)

The unemployment rate is exceptionally high in the United States right now. People say it’s between 9% (official number) and 21% (and higher if you include welfare recipients).

The Fed believes that in order to stimulate job growth, more dollars to be in circulation.

More dollars in circulation means that there are more dollars moving into everything where extra money can go, creating prices that are artificially high for everything, including stocks, gold, and silver

More money in circulation means the dollar becomes worth less.

When the dollar becomes worth less, other currencies become worth more.

When the dollar becomes worth less, gold and silver become worth more.

More dollar creation is very likely. It is the only foreseeable way for the US to pay for wars, social security, healthcare, and interest on the money already borrowed.

That’s a basic start for why you might want to buy gold and silver.

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